Sheryl Davies

Home Manager

Sheryl is a qualified RN with over twenty years experience in the field. Having started her career in the NHS, following relocation to Derby Sheryl decided to branch out into the care home field of nursing where she soon made her way to home manager.


Activities Co-Ordinator

Having been a music and additional needs teacher in London, Georgie now uses those skills to relate to and organise activities for our residents. If you hear laughter coming down the corridor it will be Georgie with our residents having fun. Whether it's playing cards as a small group, dancing with the residents to Elvis or just having a chat Georgie will be there.

Alison Evans

Home Administrator

Ali is the admin at meadows and is thoroughly enjoying the role. Ali's strongest belief and reason that attracted her to the role is to help make a difference to the lives of our residents, and as she will explain - we can't fix the world's problems but if we do what we can where we can it's a great start.